For you, baybeee

I saw you and tried harder.

And it’s true.


Week 3.1

Not a terrific start to the week – did nothing today that remotely resembled excercise. Am feeling a bit slack about it, but am trying to be not so hard on myself given that I’m now counting down 34 days till the lush of my life comes home again. We’re having a little motivational team thing going atm… I motivate him by motivating myself.

Hmmm. I think this is a) easier said than done, and b) me getting the short stick.

Tomorrow I’m duty it again, so it’s an early start and a late knock. Once upon a time I would’ve enjoyed the opportunity to dodge PT, but now I see it as a missed opportunity, particularly when I then have to make the effort to get off my own ass and do it. I will do something tomorrow, but it’s most likely to be a game of squash and/or swimming. Well, I think that’ll still beat sitting around on my ass!

Week 2.2.something

Today, I’m pumped. Yesterday we had fish and chips for dinner – first time in ages – and they were really good ones… the satisfying type that you don’t need to eat them again for a long time because they were THAT GOOD… and I was thinking that I should get up and go for a run this morning to not get slack and because this week was another crap week.

And I did.

And the scales love me today. So I ran waddled down the road faster than usual, and my half way mark (so 1.2k) was 6:32… which means that I’m on my way to meeting my goal of running 2.4 in 13:30 in another 5 months or so. I would love to say that I ran the same time back, but I’d be lying. My heart gave out and I had to walk. Lucky that the lush of my life was with me to keep me going – although I didn’t do as much as I should’ve/could’ve. As he’s not here for 5 weeks tomorrow, I’ll have to keep my ass going all by my lonesome.

week 2.2.5

holy scmack! what happened to the rest of the week?

today – 179.3 – second day in a row after a major fat day… I’m happy for one skinny day, and very happy for two!

No PT yesterday due to a memorial service, and none today due to being the duty it at work. I’ll either have to fit something in after work, or do a double tomorrow. I’m going to aim for after work, but it’s near impossible to get motivation then. We’ll see.

Week 2.2.2

Today started off being particularly shitty- felt thick headed and dense. We had circuits at the pool today- various crunches, square, lunges, sit ups etc etc, and a supposed sprint down the length of a 50m pool.
I was quietly proud of myself for almost swimming the whole 50m in freestyle, twice, and breaststroke once. The truth is the only reason I didn’t get the whole way, was I can’t push myself enough.
The thing about getting fitter, is that noone except yourself can do it. You have to find what works for you. Me, for example, I don’t like being yelled at. All these shows on tele that involve trainers yelling at tubbies? Yeah. You can stuff that straight up your ass. I get my motivation from other bloggers. Their determination and drive makes me think that I probably should/could get off my ass and excercise. That gets me up.
But what keeps me going?
Atm, the lush of my life accompanies me to my extra curricular activities… But he’s going away for a month, so now what?
I’m going to try using this blog for my motivation and for my drive. Hopefully I will manage to get better, and keeping it here keeps me on the right track.
That’s the theory anyway…

Week 2.2.1

Which I have only realized, was yesterday. The fact that I had to get up at such an ungodly hour made me forget. I remember that I was still skinny by the time I got home, despite eating like a cow.
It turned out to be a great day actually- managed to get a whole weekend into one day… Got home from work, out to the library, the markets and home.
Did sprints, because I couldn’t understand how you’re sposed to do 1x500m, 2x1k, 1x500m and no break. I will have to read the instructions again- maybe that’s the ‘you rest as long as you run’ I only just remembered about? Anyhoo…
The weather sucked, the humidity was very oppressive. Couldn’t manage 1 1/2 mins running, so only did 1 min instead. Just about fucking killed me- felt like a complete noob!
Also played a particularly crappy game of tennis. At least I was ‘active’ for more than an hour.

Week 2.2.1

Went for sprints today. It was hot and I was tired, but I really felt the need to do something after a week off. I was aiming for 1.5 min run, 3.5 min walk, but it was too damn humid. If I cracked 60 seconds running I counted it. It was bloody awful outdoors!

Then we went for a game of tennis, but that was fairly lax and didn’t last terribly long. Tomorrow for PT we are supposed to be doing circuits at the pool, so that will be interesting. I’m not a big fan of swimming, and I consider it one of my weakest points. Meh. I’m just going to go and enjoy myself.

Week 2.2

Seeming as I had to give up on week 2 as a bad joke, I’ve decided to have a week 2.2. The crappy weather is still hanging around, but wait, there’s a gym at work. And one near home – I can use them! The weight is good, surprisingly, so I’m inspired to do things. Today is a no go however, as I have to go to work. No PT for 5 days in a row… tomorrow I’m doing a double. Maybe a triple?

How’s about I aim for a run, squash/tennis and a swim?

This week… not so good

From a training and eating perspective anyway…

We’ve been having monsoonal rain here, with a low sitting over the top of us , threatening to go cyclonic at any moment, so no PT. And to cap it off, I left my damn shoes at work so I can’t even go out in the rain.

Or did my brain plan it that way?

If nothing else, I did 21 pushups yesterday, which is the most I’ve done in about 5 years, and my arms are very stiff. Just shows you how I don’t push my body as much as I should – and the old ‘I’m built for comfort, not for speed’ will be a thing of the past this time next year. Whoops… did I just make another goal??