Week 2.2

Seeming as I had to give up on week 2 as a bad joke, I’ve decided to have a week 2.2. The crappy weather is still hanging around, but wait, there’s a gym at work. And one near home – I can use them! The weight is good, surprisingly, so I’m inspired to do things. Today is a no go however, as I have to go to work. No PT for 5 days in a row… tomorrow I’m doing a double. Maybe a triple?

How’s about I aim for a run, squash/tennis and a swim?


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  1. I’m working today. For some reason working on the weekend always makes me feel like eating Maccas. That someone else turned up to work WITH Maccas didn’t help at all. Neither did the fact that they left desserts in the fridge from last night – unfortunately it was carrot cake and custard, which I LOVE. And as breakfast hadn’t arrived yet, I ate that. So naturally breakfast turned up 3 minutes after I’d finished it. So then I ate a sandwich with bacon and egg and baked beans, and then the bacon and egg that was left. Now I not only feel stupidly full, given that I wasn’t even hungry, I feel just stupid for eating it.
    Chances are I won’t be able to say no to lunch either, but I’m going to try!

    • Yes, I ate lunch, which was undercooked lamb chops. This was a real sham, because they were very large and juicy, but while I will eat my steak blue, I like my lamb rare at least. The veggies were okay, and the same for dinner… But for dinner I believe the steak was chemically treated. It was very soft and very red- two things that shouldn’t go together in a steak I believe. I would ask about the steak, but after eating it in china, there’s really no need to confirm what I already know.
      When you have a 2 cm steak and a plastic knife glides through it like butter, then it’s got chemicals in it.

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