Week 2.2.1

Which I have only realized, was yesterday. The fact that I had to get up at such an ungodly hour made me forget. I remember that I was still skinny by the time I got home, despite eating like a cow.
It turned out to be a great day actually- managed to get a whole weekend into one day… Got home from work, out to the library, the markets and home.
Did sprints, because I couldn’t understand how you’re sposed to do 1x500m, 2x1k, 1x500m and no break. I will have to read the instructions again- maybe that’s the ‘you rest as long as you run’ I only just remembered about? Anyhoo…
The weather sucked, the humidity was very oppressive. Couldn’t manage 1 1/2 mins running, so only did 1 min instead. Just about fucking killed me- felt like a complete noob!
Also played a particularly crappy game of tennis. At least I was ‘active’ for more than an hour.


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