Week 2.2.2

Today started off being particularly shitty- felt thick headed and dense. We had circuits at the pool today- various crunches, square, lunges, sit ups etc etc, and a supposed sprint down the length of a 50m pool.
I was quietly proud of myself for almost swimming the whole 50m in freestyle, twice, and breaststroke once. The truth is the only reason I didn’t get the whole way, was I can’t push myself enough.
The thing about getting fitter, is that noone except yourself can do it. You have to find what works for you. Me, for example, I don’t like being yelled at. All these shows on tele that involve trainers yelling at tubbies? Yeah. You can stuff that straight up your ass. I get my motivation from other bloggers. Their determination and drive makes me think that I probably should/could get off my ass and excercise. That gets me up.
But what keeps me going?
Atm, the lush of my life accompanies me to my extra curricular activities… But he’s going away for a month, so now what?
I’m going to try using this blog for my motivation and for my drive. Hopefully I will manage to get better, and keeping it here keeps me on the right track.
That’s the theory anyway…


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