Week 3.1

Not a terrific start to the week – did nothing today that remotely resembled excercise. Am feeling a bit slack about it, but am trying to be not so hard on myself given that I’m now counting down 34 days till the lush of my life comes home again. We’re having a little motivational team thing going atm… I motivate him by motivating myself.

Hmmm. I think this is a) easier said than done, and b) me getting the short stick.

Tomorrow I’m duty it again, so it’s an early start and a late knock. Once upon a time I would’ve enjoyed the opportunity to dodge PT, but now I see it as a missed opportunity, particularly when I then have to make the effort to get off my own ass and do it. I will do something tomorrow, but it’s most likely to be a game of squash and/or swimming. Well, I think that’ll still beat sitting around on my ass!


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