Great. Day three of doing nothing.

I’m not impressed. Yesterday I hurt my knee by putting it on some stupid angle and I had to take antinflamatory tabs for it. Which make me feel very flat. Or I could just be feeling flat cos I’ve done nothing?

I am intending to go up to the gym this afternoon though, I’m sure I can walk on the machine at least. I still have to put up my picture ‘I saw you and tried harder’. I really like that.


I did go to the gym. And I went on the eliptical trainer, despite the fact I know they kill my thighs – I just didn’t think my knee was up to it… and I did 2.4k in 13 mins, and 5k in a few seconds over 27 mins (I realised a little too slowly that I actually COULD make it). And then I went and swam 250m – albeit with a little break at the end of each 50m. 25m pools are a pain in the ass; way too much counting involved, and I don’t have that many brain cells.

And best of all? I almost managed a chin up. All by myself. I have to say ‘almost’ because I kind’ve did it before I realised I was doing it, then gave myself a bit of a start and fell off. It was a kodak moment I’m sure.  Especially me standing there with a stupid grin on my face.


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