Well then…

I guess I’m officially a ‘runner’, seeming as how I paid good money and got a tag and a number even!

Okay, so I wasn’t particularly feeling the love tonight, and I did have to drive around looking for the group for twenty bloody minutes, but I found them. And I paid. And they gave me stuff. And I put my number on, and instantly turned into a runner.

Nah – just kidding.

I did the hardest 2.5k I think I’ve ever run in my entire life, consisting of 17 minutes and something (which doesn’t count anyway, cos I followed an idiot who cut a bit off the course, and I’m going to beat her scrawny ass every fucking week from now on)… which was actually the second run today – the first being PT which was an orienteering type run over a million kilometres or so. Alright. At least 5. Maybe 3? Damn, now I HAVE to go measure it. Cool – 4.77 k.

That means I ran 7 odd k. Well I’ll be…


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