Beer o’clock


This morning my excercise consisted of running up and down a paddock carrying half a box, then crawling along the soaking wet ground.

Downside: I don’t like being wet.

Upside: They pay me for it.

Overall, it’s possibly the first PT session that I came away thinking ‘that was piss easy’ – which in itself was more than a little scary. There I was, soaked to the bone, filthy dirty and covered in bits of grass, sweating like a pig, and breathing in heaves, thinking ‘That was way too easy’.

So, who’s fault was it? The instructor for not pushing? Or mine for not pushing back?

Personally I’m still in shock from the relevation, so I’ll leave it on that note. Dinner was a pasta bol, cos we’re out of spaghetti. Apparently. Don’t you love it when things you *knew* were there, aren’t?  And despite the fact that you’re the one that either does the shopping, or makes the shopping list – noone sees fit to tell you that we need to buy some? Meh, it was lovely anyway, with mince, tomatoe based pasta sauce, onion, capsicum and a little grated cheese over the top. Nom nom nom. Now the trick will be to have just the right amount, and not to go back and clean up the leftovers by eating them – there’s definately enough for lunch tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, I’m going to do the sprints again. It’s that time of the week, and it’s my last opportunity. Despite all the good work I’ve put in this week physically, the running side has been let down a bit lot, so I feel the need to absolve myself. Morning sounds good to me, so that’s what I’ll aim for. I’ve even turned off the alarm in the hope that I’ll sleep till it’s light, but I bet it won’t happen.

Oh, and the beer?

I drunk it.



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