That looks very melodramatic. Perhaps a little too much so, although I feel that lower case wouldn’t quite cut it.

Today, I was going to do sprints. After waking up at 0330, I lost all my motivation by the time I got home from buying a new crop top, so I had a snooze instead. After my little hour long kindy kip, I set off with a spring in my step, and three new squash balls in my kit bag, pumping my arms to my goovy toons on my phone, all ready to warm up with a little squash, then hit the machine for a couple of k’s.

Except it’s Saturday.

And the gym shuts early on Saturday.

Why? I have no idea. But it’s always shut early on Saturday. And Sunday too. So why I managed to forget, I am at a loss. Not to be outdone, I went to the pool instead, and actually managed to do some laps. 500m worth to be exact, with a break at the 50m mark (an improvement on breaking at the 25m mark, which wasn’t *that* long ago)… 100m freestyle, 100m breaststroke, 100m freestyle, 100m breaststroke, 100m lie on my back and use diving kicks to motor (okay – putter) along. I believe my hips will be complaining tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I will do sprints. The gym opens at 9am, and if I don’t do the road before 9, then I’ll use the machine.  You just watch me!


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