I swear, there’s nothing…

… more inspiring than jumping on the scales and finding you weigh less than yesterday (bless you, scales – I know you were lying, but it was the good type of lie).

I was enjoying the peace and tranquility of the morning – amazed at the fact that all of the neighbourhood dogs appear to have been abducted by aliens (why else would they have stopped barking for more than 10 minutes), thinking how I should get up and go for a waddle in the quiet (fighting with my inner self that just wanted to lie in bed and blog research the interwebs for activities), when up I hopped (okay. Rolled) and jumped onto the scales. They said 79.9, or 175.8 for you other folks. I *almost* got all carried away with myself there, and skited about almost losing 5lbs (okay, so I’m still doing an inner ‘high five’), but then I remembered how I know the scales are just being encouraging – namely I had a beer last nigh, plus nibbled corn chip nachos for dinner. If anything is unforgiving, it’s beer and corn chips, more so when there is cheese all over aformentioned corn chips. I’m sure the missing kilo will magically reappear over my feet at some stage in the next two days.

In the meantime, I’m going to be:

– pleased with myself for managing to keep up the effort for a month.

– pleased with myself for getting off my ass BY myself

– grateful that I can manage to do what I do (timewise and health wise)

– enjoying exercise because I can do it, and

– concentrating on one day at a time.

Now I need to come up with some objectives for the week I think. Seems to be all the rage…


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