Objectives for week 4

I am so not good at this, but this year it’s all about giving things a go, so I’m going to try.

1. Try a 5k run on Wed night, regardless of how tired I am or how crappy I feel or how badly I think I’ll do. Hell, even if I walk the whole damn thing. Just do it!

2. See if I can warm up a squash ball by myself

3. Aim to swim 75m in one hit.

baby steps. right?


One response

  1. 1. I did the run on Wednesday, and ran most of it. Not overly pleased with myself, but I did it.

    2. I warmed up the ball all by myself – not once, but twice! It didn’t stay warm for long, but that’s not the point…

    3. Didn’t get into the pool during the week, so I’m guessing I can add it back to this weeks. Might get a chance on the weekend?

    Overall score: 2/3

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