Week 5

How did it get here? Too fast over a long period! And how much of my intended plan have I done? None. Except maybe the sprints. Dammitall.

Oh well. I started off the day right with a good breakfast – muesli, low fat milk, a teaspoon of natural yoghurt and a few teaspoons of canned fruit (yummy Two-Fruit goes so well with breakfast!) – as I think my eating habits over the past week have gotten a bit shabby. Without the other half here to take care of me, I kind of get a bit ‘laid back’ (insert French for it there please – I can say it, but not spell it… laisse faire?), and I think that’s the reason for my not losing any weight. I know I’m still on the right track, as my slack eating habits still don’t consist of eating rubbish, just not eating enough, and not what I should be – ie. a large handful of grapes and a peanut butter sandwich may be very yummy, but it’s not the best in the world. Too much sugar, too many carbs, and not enough food groups! (my eating is so bad, I’d prefer to eat Weetbix over icecream for dessert. That’s just LAME!!).

So today, it’s back on the wagon for me, starting with my wholesome breakfast, and hopefully ending with a nice meal with at least most of the food groups, and definately that run in the middle.


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