Well, I got off my ass, and I did it.

10k in 1:06:35

And I’m not displeased with that at all. Seems that 8.5k is my groove, and 8.9 makes me work a little harder. I did 9. something for the first 5k, then walked a bit and slowed it down – funnily enough it’s about the same time, just closer to a constant pace for the second half, although I did try and step it out a little for the last 2k – hence the 8.9k statement. Is it bad because it’s on a machine??

I’m very happy with my effort, pleased with myself, looking forward to brunch, and to donating my $50 to the Christchurch Earthquake.

(lets not think about the half marathon I’ll have to do for the Japanese Tsunami… it’s too soon)


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  1. As $50 AUD works out to $68ish NZD, I rounded it up to $70 NZD. I hope that the rest of the team running today and tomorrow have a great run, and that there is a heap of money raised for the earthquake affected people in Christchurch.

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