Monday, Monday…

After having a complete day of sloth yesterday (and I do mean sloth!), today it was back into it.

Circuits was the name of the game today – various workouts in a wagon wheel setup in the middle of a court – one set of an activity, then change to running around the outside. Sprint down the long side, slower on the short side, then into the next activity. I would’ve really quite enjoyed it if my knee hadn’t have started to dick me around… but you get that. I got sweaty and breathless and sore, and that was the main point of the exercise.

Interestingly enough, I even felt like doing more exercise when I got home. I didn’t, as I had to cook and have a sinus headache, but I’m amazed that I even FELT like it. That’s a big thing for me peeps.

Tomorrow is squash in the morning, and maybe squash and a swim in the afternoon. There’s also a boxercise class at lunch, so I’ve packed my mitts. Hopefully I’ll be up for it!

(ha – even considered doing more physical activity after work. hehehehe. Must be the end of the world or something…)


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