I’ve spent trying to eat more. Two beers at the end of the day, and I just feel like a) a blob, and b) a failure. I don’t want dinner. I’m not hungry.

Please stand by while we rectify the problem…

I did squash for ,almost an hour by myself – I worked out you get to run twice as far, but you have an advantage in knowing where the ball should go. Cancelled by the fact you can’t hit the damn thing straight anyway, and multiplied by the wussy hits. All in all? I know what the sore spot is on the heel of my hand now… And I get better every time I hit the damn thing.


2 responses

  1. apparently my body likes me having two beers and eating more. Well, to the tune of 0.7 of a pound
    Which I think is not ounces.
    Go figure!

    Edit: it’s 10 ounces. Whoda thought it was so many? Not I, said the little black duck!

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