It’s 6am.

On a Sunday, and it’s still dark. I wonder how long it will take me to get used to it again? I’m definately used to it being light – no, daytime- at 530.

Anyhoo, I need some  inspiration. Yesterday I did no exercise, but cleaned some more boxes away. And last night I (and some good company) went to see some of the Darwin Comedy Festival, and had soup for dinner and a banana fritter, which was very nice (the soup however, wasn’t hot enough) albeit deep fried.  All in all, it was a productive and fun day, and I enjoyed it.

But – today I need to get up and do something. My muscles are not feeling like sprints, or like doing anything for that matter. Mentally, I’m all raring to go. Physically, I’m like ‘Later, dood.’

How to overcome this? It’s hardest in the mornings on the weekend (more so when it’s DARK!) because I enjoy my time in bed knowing that I don’t have to get up. And therein lies the problem.

Think I’ll seek inner wisdom from other bloggers, then get off my butt and go do some. As for the ‘There’s no time like the present’ school of thought?




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