Yay! I found the running club!

After last weeks fiasco, it was touch and go as to if I got there in time… I left work late, and cut it very fine – arriving maybe 2 mins before take off?

Memo to me – do not leave work late on Wed afternoons, particularly when you only THINK you know where you’re going!

And although I was only going to do a little run, I decided on the spur of the moment to do the 5 clicker. I’m glad I did, although I think I’ll be feeling it tomrrow. Time sucked – 33:34 including the phone call I got at the begining and the screwed up tunes … excuses excuses! I know the coach says 4.93… but I’m counting it as 5. Ave speed was apparently 8.81 kph, which is faster than my ‘groove thing’ of 8.5, so I’m happy with that. Mind you, I’d be  interested to see how long I could keep that up – I didn’t actually feel like I hit my groove, so it’s kind of comforting to know I wasn’t there. The interesting thing about the coach is the graph. Todays run was nothing like the shorter two, which I find interesting… it’ll be more interesting when there’s a few more to use as a comparison.

Did I mention there was a slight hill in the equation today? Did I mention the up side was on the way home?


Total to date RunForJapan: 12.22K (plus the ripped off 7m!)

Funny thing is, the competition is myself. I run for me. Me, me, me. I don’t care how many people overtake me, or how fast they do it in. At this time, it’s me:doing it. That’s the important part. One day I’ll do it to get faster – maybe – or one day I’ll be in a competition with others. Maybe. I don’t care. What’s important is I got out there, and I did it. By myself. For myself.


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