Still ear? *groan*

Saw the doc, and she put me on cold and flu tablets – which now carry a warning about exercising in the heat while taking them. Given I live in the tropics, and it’s always bloody hot, I’m not taking any chances.

Contrary to my opinion earlier today that I was on the downhill slide to hospitalisation with vertigo, I now think that things are moving in there – cos it got very, very itchy at one point. Which made me delieriously happy, and made my work collegues look at me very strangely while I was wiggling my finger in my ear furiously and grinning like a loon…

Hopefully tomorrow I won’t feel so odd, and will be able to partake in some light activity. Gym opens at 8, remember? And no swimming without ear drops and plugs!

The scales have not been kind this week, and I know it’s all due to eating badly – ie not enough, and not properly balanced. One more week until the cook gets home, and I’m so looking forward to it, I’m grinning now. Maybe it’s the tablets?


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