Sundays effort

Wish I knew how to shrink it better!
As you’ll notice, I did walk a bit – I wasn’t feeling the love. Remember how I was saying how hard we are on ourselves? I was feeling cranky because I a) hadn’t completed the training program b) only went for 22 mins and c) ran like shit… Turns out that a) I still scored 73% on the run b) have only run for around the same time for the last couple of sundays, and c) am still up on my evening min/km times.
And notice that red zone there? That was me doing around 14Kph. Don’t ask me how though…
It was difficult to run slower than I usually plod at, and also difficult to maintain a pace. But, it was my first attempt, so I just use this as a bench mark. I think this afternoon, ear willing, I might go for a little 15 min assessment run.


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