yay for tuesday!

I got to do boxing at lunch – which was great and made me sweat for two hours afterwards (god forbid they ever decide to run an hour circuit!), and my arms will be like jelly tomorrow.


The person doing pillates didn’t show up tonight, when I went there ESPECIALLY for it. Troll.

So I play squash for 45 mins and got all sweaty again. Luckily it was raining on the way home – which means that I was still wet by the time I got home! As for stretching, it’s on at work at lunch tomorrow, and I’ve made sure that no nasty tradesmen are going to interupt me this time, and I’m sooooo going to be there. And I saved myself $10 too. Troll. Pffft.

And the biggest NSV news? I *almost* did a real chin up today! I’m so pleased! My eyeballs got to the top of the bar, so hopefully by this time next week, I can show the lush of my life one whole, complete, all on my lonesome chin up!



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