Another week gone

Already! They seem to go so fast and last so long… how does that work?

This week’s been fairly average – feeling below par so haven’t been inspired to do a lot, and tired but not sleepy (how does that happen? Lack of iron??), but I went for a waddle on Wed morning (unfortunately running club had to give way to parent-teacher interviews, but it’s all about priorities!) and today will be fun. I have to think that, because there’s nothing else that’s going to drag my ass out of bed and into work other than that.

I need to get back into this properly…


A little bit lazy…

I did a bit of swimming yesterday, but nothing spectacular, as I didn’t want to put my head underwater at all.

Today, I’m at work. And it’s been so deadly boring, all I’ve done is eat. Not unhealthy, but too too much. I feel like a bloated pup, and I’m hoping that nothing happens tonight to warrant staying up later than 9am, so that I’ll be feeling fine when I get home in the morning. I’m thinking some squash is on the menu, maybe a bit of a jog. Hell, I’d take anything right now – if I was here for another day, I’d be doing pushups and situps outside!

Ugh. I feel GROSS.

I’m so tired!

I’m buggered! I did 5k this morning in 32:16, which I’m actually pleased with because I didn’t feel like running 1k let alone 5 – but I should be going for a run this evening with the club, but my brain fell out at about 11am this morning.
And my bra is ripping shreds out of me, so I’m thinking it’s time to bin that one and spend money on a new one. They’re just so bloody expensive. Necessary, but SO bloody expensive.

another week down

and I didn’t run yesterday, I was feeling crumby by the afternoon (I’m thinking it was something I ate, but don’t really know). So while I didn’t do everything I wanted to during the week, I did some stuff, and I did more than the week before. This week will be better again I hope – although it is a short week and I’ll be working on Sat.

The weight is slowly going down, and although it’s not a big loss like some peoples are, it’s a loss. I knew it would be difficult because I always have trouble – it would be SO much easier if all I had to do was stop drinking Coke or stop eating junk food – but when you eat pretty healthy and have a body that jacks up when you don’t eat enough, finding that balance can be difficult. Looking back, difficult isn’t so bad when you compare it to working your ass off and practically starving yourself and seeing NO change on the scales… that’s not difficult, that’s destroying.

This week can be week 8. I’ll let it.


I had the first martini in months last night, and it was delicious! Luckily for me I’ve been drinking so little in the past year I only needed one before I’d had enough – making me the cheapest drunk on the planet!

Today there’s a cross country, so naturally it poured yesterday. Don’t know if it’ll even be on because of that, but we’ll turn up anyway and see what the go is. The question today is:

Do I run 5k or 10??

from my tumblr…

One of the tumblrs I follow posed the question:

’ How do I congratulate myself for losing a pound without gaining it back?’

And while I’ve seen all kinds of ideas in the past about non food rewards, it’s taken me until now to realise that if you treat your sucessful behaviour as a something as deserving a reward, then you will treat your failures as something that deserves punishment… So while the initial concept is well intentioned, I believe it’s actually reinforcing negative behaviour – by encouraging focus on if your behaviour is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, instead of just recognising it as behaviour.

You’re not a two year old anymore. You’re not a puppy that needs house training. If you have a behaviour that you don’t like, don’t punish yourself for being that way, let it go. Get rid of it. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Replace it with something you do like, something that you can be proud of. Your sense of self worth is priceless, and best of all, it’s free.

And you can take it out and use it any time you need to. You might not be able to hold it up to the light, but you can see it shine.

I surprised myself a bit today…

I did a 5K run this morning for a PR of 31:28… and then did one in the evening with the running club for 32:34. The evening run was the track I’ve run previously, with the downhill on the way there, uphill on the way back, and I did walk a bit this time, but I still managed to improve on last time I did it, which was 33:30 ish time. I’m happy about that, but happier that I actually did the run this evening. Not so long ago when I was invited by the lush of my life to go for a run in the evening, I responded with ‘Nope, already done one today!’!!And now look at me!

So today I decided to run all by myself. And I’m so pleased my ear is doing so well – here’s hoping it continues to improve until I forget all about it!

Today’s effort

man, I wish I knew how to make these fit. If anything’s going to drive me to use a different running program, it’s that simple task.
Tonights run was brought to you by the fact I played squash solo for so mins this evening, and while I was over the squash (winning against yourself is soooo passe!), I wasn’t over excercising. So I pulled out the trusty 5k coach, and started at 1. I picked it, because despite being able to run 5k, I’d like to get better at it (okay, that and the fact that 23 mins was about all I felt like doing).
Funnily enough, at the 1/4 mark, I felt I could run it forever. At the half way mark, I thought ‘Nope, this is my max comfort zone’. And at the end, if you’d asked me to run another kilometre, I would’ve died on the spot (also a little melodrama never hurt a blog here and there!)…
Personally, it is an important run for me, as I chose to do it, of my own violition. I didn’t HAVE to, it wasn’t PLANNED, I just up and did it. And at the end of it, I was sweating and heaving ragged breaths.
And it was good.

I forgot!

I did one whole chin up during PT yesterday… and a guy that knew I was trying to do them commented on it, so I knew I’d done it!

One… then an almost one, then a not touch the bar – then round the circuit! Then a one… then one not as high as the last almost one, then a tug rather than a heave. And round we go… again and again and again… till I just stand under the bar and laugh at it…

I did good.