Am still alive, and feeling much improved after a week of antibiotics… I went and got another weeks worth just in case, and hopefully will feel back to normal (sure…) in another week. Today I even managed PT, which was a warm up jog, a circuit class for the best part of an hour, and a jog back. I just measured the warm up and cool down jogs… 1.5k and 1k respectively. No wonder it took me so long to stop sweating afterwards!

I’m getting more impressed with my keeping up in a group session now – I can actually do it! That is of course provided they’re not going TOO damn fast. Tomorrow is squash in the morning, and I’m hoping to do boxing at lunch. And it’s also the day that the pilates class is supposed to be starting. I’ll see how I feel after work, I so don’t like getting sweaty with strangers I have nothing in common with. Such a prude…


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