Today’s effort

man, I wish I knew how to make these fit. If anything’s going to drive me to use a different running program, it’s that simple task.
Tonights run was brought to you by the fact I played squash solo for so mins this evening, and while I was over the squash (winning against yourself is soooo passe!), I wasn’t over excercising. So I pulled out the trusty 5k coach, and started at 1. I picked it, because despite being able to run 5k, I’d like to get better at it (okay, that and the fact that 23 mins was about all I felt like doing).
Funnily enough, at the 1/4 mark, I felt I could run it forever. At the half way mark, I thought ‘Nope, this is my max comfort zone’. And at the end, if you’d asked me to run another kilometre, I would’ve died on the spot (also a little melodrama never hurt a blog here and there!)…
Personally, it is an important run for me, as I chose to do it, of my own violition. I didn’t HAVE to, it wasn’t PLANNED, I just up and did it. And at the end of it, I was sweating and heaving ragged breaths.
And it was good.


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