from my tumblr…

One of the tumblrs I follow posed the question:

’ How do I congratulate myself for losing a pound without gaining it back?’

And while I’ve seen all kinds of ideas in the past about non food rewards, it’s taken me until now to realise that if you treat your sucessful behaviour as a something as deserving a reward, then you will treat your failures as something that deserves punishment… So while the initial concept is well intentioned, I believe it’s actually reinforcing negative behaviour – by encouraging focus on if your behaviour is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, instead of just recognising it as behaviour.

You’re not a two year old anymore. You’re not a puppy that needs house training. If you have a behaviour that you don’t like, don’t punish yourself for being that way, let it go. Get rid of it. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Replace it with something you do like, something that you can be proud of. Your sense of self worth is priceless, and best of all, it’s free.

And you can take it out and use it any time you need to. You might not be able to hold it up to the light, but you can see it shine.


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