another week down

and I didn’t run yesterday, I was feeling crumby by the afternoon (I’m thinking it was something I ate, but don’t really know). So while I didn’t do everything I wanted to during the week, I did some stuff, and I did more than the week before. This week will be better again I hope – although it is a short week and I’ll be working on Sat.

The weight is slowly going down, and although it’s not a big loss like some peoples are, it’s a loss. I knew it would be difficult because I always have trouble – it would be SO much easier if all I had to do was stop drinking Coke or stop eating junk food – but when you eat pretty healthy and have a body that jacks up when you don’t eat enough, finding that balance can be difficult. Looking back, difficult isn’t so bad when you compare it to working your ass off and practically starving yourself and seeing NO change on the scales… that’s not difficult, that’s destroying.

This week can be week 8. I’ll let it.


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