Back in the groove

Starting today. I ran. Ish. More like ‘waddled with less grace than a goose’, but at least I went. It’s a good start, and I feel better just for having done it. With a bit of luck, the ickky fat feeling will go away very soon, and I shall be able to run the upcoming 12K City to Surf race in a few weeks (my very first entry!) without making too much of a dork of myself, before having to go away again for another 6 weeks of little excercise and too much food.

I think I’ll do things differently next time, like eating cos I have to, not because I’m worried the next meal may never turn up. I shall take some emergency supplies, and learn to relax about it all.

I was planning on going for another trot this afternoon, but it’s still a little hot out there for my liking (currently 31 degrees at half past 4), so I’ll see how I feel in another hour or so. I am on duty tomorrow, so no PT for me. I did get myself some little sparring gloves, so I’m going to try them out on Tuesday at lunchtime, come hell or bloody high water!


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