Noo Shooz!

Decided that I can’t wait for a new pair of shoes any longer… you know how you put things off and put things off and all of a sudden it’s too late? Well, I’m nearly there. I knew they were getting a bit old, but they’re comfy. Until I did a 5k walk last week and ended up with a pressure blister – on looking it’s worn through the inside fabric. Right through. Baaaaaaad through.

But, I can’t run the City2Surf on the weekend with a new pair of shoes, because that would be a)dumb and b)dumb. So I’ve done some research (it’s the Libran in me), and worked out that I’m not paying $209 for my brand in Australia, I’ll import them from the States via for $88 – including postage.

Anyone who live in Oz will surely have heard the latest broohaha in the media about people buying stuff online to avoid GST (our goods and services tax), and the last I heard, the retailers were wanting the GST to be charged on imported items. So, even then I’d only end up paying $80 (minus the postage from the US), so how do they explain the other $120? Not that I’m calling them greedy mind – I’m sure the cost of overheads and wages in this country is crippling many smaller businesses.

Okay. I think they’re a bunch of greedy assholes, and I’ll be forever thankful that someone told me Amazon don’t just sell books anymore, and I’m looking forward to getting my new shoes (even if they are an insipid pastel colour. I shall love them all the same).


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