I spent more money.

I was reading a blog earlier today (love love LOVE Tumblr!) and the author was discussing nutrient gels, and it dawned on me that maybe I died in the ass due to lack of nutrients? Hell, can’t hurt to try them – they’re so gross you’d only eat them out of dire necessity (having eaten several in Timor, where we “tidied up” after the Tour de Timor endurance bike race in 2009…

Had a look at the price of Gu gels here – individual packs sell for $3.40 in the shop, and a box of 24 will set you back between $65 (on special) and $72 (also on special – supposedly down from $92)… Yet in the US, they are $25 for a mixed box (which is not even an available option here), and although the price of postage is $60 (stay with me here), the savings I made on my shoes ($88 from the US vs $200 in Australia) made it an easy choice. Incidentally, my shoes got here just fine, and even though they are the most godawful boring grey colour, they’ll do the job very well.

That’s $112 saved on the shoes, and $1 extra spent on the Gu. Actually, that’s not quite right – cos I also got a pair of Under Armour shorts for $30. They’re 50 in the shop here, as are their singlets, which I was drooling over earlier today. I’m going to see how this sale goes, and may well be back to order more. Stay tuned!

The shop? http://www.roadrunnersports.com/


and again?

I must’ve been working too hard or something lately. Maybe I’ve just been slack and not wanting to write it down?

Now I can barely remember what I did this week, but I do remember I didn’t have a *terrible* one. Hmmm…

Monday – absolutely no idea. Circuits of some kind… nope. Not a clue.

Tues – 5K walk in the morning in 42mins

Wed – Supposed to be a LSD, but ended up being running, pushups, crunches, squats and run again and again and again. My arms were sore as afterwards! In the PM did sprints. Quite funny how spastic my legs are and how unco I am. Spent most of the time worrying about going tits up on the uneven grass, but all in all was good. The idea is to teach my legs that they can actually run faster. Mhmm. Lets keep working on that one…

Thurs – Did my own LSD after lunch, 54:25, 7.9K, pace 6:53. New shoes were way too tight, so had to test and adjust on the road. Pain in the ass, but I think I have it sorted now. Still walked some, but overall thought I’d done better than last week – which had a pace of 6:52, so it seems it was all in my head. Meh. I don’t care, I’m going to do it anyway.

Fri – strength circuits involving torsion bars and medicine balls. My arms are sore now, but so is my throat, and I’m working tomorrow, so I’m having a day off today. And tomorrow. Stuff it all.


How did it get to be nearly a week since my last post? Damn you tumblr – you make it too easy!

Now I have to recap in a nutshell…

Monday – was the Queens Birthday holiday that I last told you about.

Tuesday – can’t remember… Ah – there it is! Had to check the miCoach site to remind me I did a 20 min run after work while dinner was cooking.  Managed to score 90% on that one, and did my usual up and down like a yo-yo pace.

Wed – worked, which sucked balls. Also meant I missed yet another XC with the running club. I think I’m destined not to do them!

Thurs – went for a run at work for PT in the afternoon. As I told my loving tumblr fans, I thought it was a shit run. I ran on dirt (soft dirt. Like sand. I hate it!), and put it in… then when I hit the tar again I gave myself permission to take it down a notch or 8. I thought I was going to die and my legs hurt and I wanted to give up – and then I realised that I wasn’t even breathing particularly hard. And the *pain* I felt, was just stupid niggles. And I realised that my head was playing tricks on me… and I kept going. I didn’t get to go faster, but I kept going anyway, and I’m glad I did. 7.3k in just over 50mins at 2pm. Three days ago I was looking for reasons to say it wasn’t a shit run. Three days later, it’s not bad at all! ARGH!!!!

Friday – Nothing apparently. Oh, I remember. I had a hot date and we went to see X Men. I ate a strawberry icecream (a double too. Very decadent of me!), and some stupid chocolate pod things which were too sweet. And I don’t like almond m & ms. They’re icky.

Sat – was wanting to go for a run in the morning, but was a bit hoha. Was hanging for a run in the afternoon, but too busy to go. Had friends around for dinner, and it was very very nice. First time in 6 months at the new location… the house still isn’t unpacked, but too bad. It’s getting there slowly.

Sun – Am lying in bed writing this, waiting for the sun to come up enough to go for the little run that I should’ve done yesterday morning. Hopefully his hangover will have gone enough this evening for us to go and do a long run.

Best I get up then!

Happy Birthday QEII!

Today I had all good intentions of going for a run in the morning, but it was too cold. How people go running in the snow is beyond me – how do they stop their lungs from bleeding?

Yesterday I never went for my uber long run. I will try to do one in the morning, but we’ll see how that goes. Today I did 45 mins, and covered 6.5K, which was more than I thought I’d do, but I did worse statistically than I thought I did when I was running. Meh, who gives a shit. I went, and I did it, that’s all that really matters. And I didn’t walk, which was good.

Have to work on Wed, so I won’t get my run in with the club, or my training run in, so I’ll def have to try and get my ass into gear tomorrow.

We’ll see what this week brings, shall we?

It’s Sat day, Sat day…

And I have just completed my first 1/2 marathon session on the MiCoach. Okay, so it was only 30 mins (5 blue zone, 20 green and 5 blue), but A) I did it on a Sat that is COLD, and I really wanted to stay in bed, and B) I managed to actually complete a whole session with the MiCoach.

Unfortunately tomorrows jaunt is a 1:45 run. And that’s not in minutes.

So, we’ll be toddling off to the waterfront again I think, and I’ll just have a shot and see how I go, and I can compare it to how I went last week – considering I couldn’t even run that long.

In case you’re wondering, Thursday was a do nothing day, and Friday was battle pt, where I got to crawl around on the ground and roll around in puddles. I did manage to bench press a landrover tyre 30 times though – I thought I was pretty cool managing that. Small things amuse me.


Yesterday morning started off okay… scales were down (kinda), and I did a walk for PT cos I didn’t want to go swimming. Turns out the pool was closed for maintenance anyway, so I didn’t have to worry. So I walked and exercised every couple of hundred metres around a 3K track, and that was okay. I was starving by the time I got back, so I indulged in some cornflakes and milk, followed by an apple. By lunch, it went pear shaped. I missed my lunch date, so I worked instead. I had an orange and a mint tim-tam. When I got home I had a bit of sliced ham… and then we went running.

And I sucked. Not just a little. I sucked balls. I was trying to run following a trg program for 5K, got half way and died in the ass. I was SO disappointed in myself, because I knew I could do 5K alright, and I was expecting to kill it yesterday. So what happened? Given that I had cornflakes for breakfast I really can’t use the lack of carbs thing. I hadn’t overdone it in the morning, so what? I’m almost starting to think I just hate being told what to do when I’m exercising – even by a machine. It has an anti affect on me. Anyhoo, I’m going to test it on the weekend by going back and running that fucker in the same place, on a free run cycle. And then I’m going to keep faking it till I make it – I’ll keep doing that program over and over until I nail that fucker.

That’s muh plan.

Today the scales were kind. 171.6. I’m hoping they’re kind tomorrow too.


Jumped on the scales this morning and got 172.3lbs. Then I jumped off and on again, and got 173.6, which is where it’s been for ages and ages.

I’d like to go with option 1, but don’t actually believe it at all.

Day whatever

So, I kind’ve got back on the wagon, but decided that I really needed to eat half a chocolate biscuit and drink half a beer. They were both bloody good.

Breakfast was a small tin of tuna and an apple the size of my head, lunch was beetroot, steak and broccoli. That can’t be too bad surely?

Excercise for this morning was walking (okay, so I cheated and jogged some, it just got too painful to walk!) 5K. Tomorrow is supposed to be swimming, but I think they can go fuck themselves. One, it’s winter. Two, my ears won’t handle it. So I shall go for the LSD as planned. I’ll just make up my own shit as I go along…

I give up.

I felt the need to carb up yesterday after the run… I ate cheese and crackers, some vegemite and lettuce sandwhiches, a bowl of museli, a strawberry yoghurt and some beer. What was funny though, was that I went straight back onto black coffee this morning, and had a tin of sardines for breakfast. Lunch would’ve been perfect, but the lush grabbed a crusty bread roll for me (fresh. crusty. soft on the inside. = perfect), which is what I had been hanging out for the other day – if you’re going to have an oops, make it worth it, and make it satisfying. Like me and strawberry Krispy Kreme doughnuts. If you’re going to do it, do it well!

So, it would appear that I am ‘back on the wagon’, apart from yesterdays cave in. Maybe if I just have one normal meal a week (or a treat. How pathetic am I that a treat for me is a yoghurt or a bowl of museli. Why can’t I be like normal people and have a piece of cake or KFC?).

Todays exercise was a cardio session, and while my legs were a little stiff after yesterday, they were a lot stiffer this afternoon after that session. Why is it alway the running??????

The results still aren’t up for the race – meh – but according to the paper today, all I need to do to win is drop an hour off my time. Boy oh boy. Think I’ll look at running the whole way next time. Baby steps…