D Day!

Day 1 – almost done.

Morning started with a LSD… unfortunately for the guy running the session (at very short notice), it was shorter than what it should’ve been, and we were all done at 40 mins. At least it was another 3.7k down the road, and I did it. And this evening, I did it again, but this time it was 6.6 and involved more hills. As usual for me, it wasn’t real flash, and it wasn’t real fast, but I did it. And that’s what matters… right?

And now I’m tired, but it’s that good, satisfied tired.

As for the eating, I did eat a peppermint today (it was offered to me during a very boring lecture, and I didn’t even think until 10 mins later), and had some watermelon slices (plus another two pcs of fruit, making 3 for the day…) norty norty me. I don’t like coffee without milk and don’t like what it does to my teeth, so I’ve kept that to a morning cup, and stuck to water and green tea for the rest of the day. Seemed to work okay.

Breakfast was an egg and fruit, lunch a tandoori chicken salad (memo to me, don’t cook it at work, it pongs the place out!), morning and afternoon snack was home made vege soup, and somewhere in there was the other two bits of fruit and the other egg. Oh, and a rissole and half a sausage after the run. Now I’m not hungry at all, so my dinner will come to work with me tomorrow.

Bonus round!!


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