Day 2 – doneski!

Another one bites the dust… boom boom boom…

Actually, this morning it came to me in a flash of brilliance that this diet is just the old carbohydrates excluded diet, but tarted up a little to pick up the greenies. Which means I instantly wanted to stop, as I don’t like exclusion diets, and I don’t think that such eating habits are good over the long term. And then I realised it was only for 30 days. So what I’ve decided to do, is to take it week by week, and monitor myself and see how I pull up. If there’s something happening with me I don’t like, then I’ll stop.

I do think if nothing else, it’ll cause me to think about meal planning again, and about getting out and getting physical- neither of these things are bad. I have every intention of eating the foods I am now excluding once I’ve done the month (or week or three – whatever), perhaps less of them, perhaps as much as always. Thinking about eating and exercise is good, as long as it’s not extreme. And I’ve no intention of being extreme in either – TYVM!

Today was two apples, some grapes, a mandarin… two eggs, a cup of vege soup, and the chicken stew/soup from last nights dinner – dinner is chicken curry, a few olives and a couple of almonds. I was hungry a fair bit today, but it felt like I ate a lot. Looking at it like that though, it’s not so much after all. We’ll see how the scales look on the weekend…












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