ooooo… Picked up our numbers and timers today. I will feel like such a goon on Sunday doing it though – what the hell do I think I’m doing with all the ‘real’ runners??? Nah, it’ll all be good. As disconcerting as it is running with a pack, I shall be running for me, myself, and my own amusement. I’m not out there to break records, I’m just there to finish (hopefully!), and for that warm fuzzy glow of inner self satisfaction to say ‘I did it’.

The lush of my life will be with me, and his knee gave him a bit of strife the other day too, so we’ll both be just plodding along. It’s early in the morning, so it will be cool, and hopefully not too many mosquitos. Looking forward to it, even if it does mean waking up early on a day off!


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