I give up.

I felt the need to carb up yesterday after the run… I ate cheese and crackers, some vegemite and lettuce sandwhiches, a bowl of museli, a strawberry yoghurt and some beer. What was funny though, was that I went straight back onto black coffee this morning, and had a tin of sardines for breakfast. Lunch would’ve been perfect, but the lush grabbed a crusty bread roll for me (fresh. crusty. soft on the inside. = perfect), which is what I had been hanging out for the other day – if you’re going to have an oops, make it worth it, and make it satisfying. Like me and strawberry Krispy Kreme doughnuts. If you’re going to do it, do it well!

So, it would appear that I am ‘back on the wagon’, apart from yesterdays cave in. Maybe if I just have one normal meal a week (or a treat. How pathetic am I that a treat for me is a yoghurt or a bowl of museli. Why can’t I be like normal people and have a piece of cake or KFC?).

Todays exercise was a cardio session, and while my legs were a little stiff after yesterday, they were a lot stiffer this afternoon after that session. Why is it alway the running??????

The results still aren’t up for the race – meh – but according to the paper today, all I need to do to win is drop an hour off my time. Boy oh boy. Think I’ll look at running the whole way next time. Baby steps…


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