Yesterday morning started off okay… scales were down (kinda), and I did a walk for PT cos I didn’t want to go swimming. Turns out the pool was closed for maintenance anyway, so I didn’t have to worry. So I walked and exercised every couple of hundred metres around a 3K track, and that was okay. I was starving by the time I got back, so I indulged in some cornflakes and milk, followed by an apple. By lunch, it went pear shaped. I missed my lunch date, so I worked instead. I had an orange and a mint tim-tam. When I got home I had a bit of sliced ham… and then we went running.

And I sucked. Not just a little. I sucked balls. I was trying to run following a trg program for 5K, got half way and died in the ass. I was SO disappointed in myself, because I knew I could do 5K alright, and I was expecting to kill it yesterday. So what happened? Given that I had cornflakes for breakfast I really can’t use the lack of carbs thing. I hadn’t overdone it in the morning, so what? I’m almost starting to think I just hate being told what to do when I’m exercising – even by a machine. It has an anti affect on me. Anyhoo, I’m going to test it on the weekend by going back and running that fucker in the same place, on a free run cycle. And then I’m going to keep faking it till I make it – I’ll keep doing that program over and over until I nail that fucker.

That’s muh plan.

Today the scales were kind. 171.6. I’m hoping they’re kind tomorrow too.


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