It’s Sat day, Sat day…

And I have just completed my first 1/2 marathon session on the MiCoach. Okay, so it was only 30 mins (5 blue zone, 20 green and 5 blue), but A) I did it on a Sat that is COLD, and I really wanted to stay in bed, and B) I managed to actually complete a whole session with the MiCoach.

Unfortunately tomorrows jaunt is a 1:45 run. And that’s not in minutes.

So, we’ll be toddling off to the waterfront again I think, and I’ll just have a shot and see how I go, and I can compare it to how I went last week – considering I couldn’t even run that long.

In case you’re wondering, Thursday was a do nothing day, and Friday was battle pt, where I got to crawl around on the ground and roll around in puddles. I did manage to bench press a landrover tyre 30 times though – I thought I was pretty cool managing that. Small things amuse me.


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