Happy Birthday QEII!

Today I had all good intentions of going for a run in the morning, but it was too cold. How people go running in the snow is beyond me – how do they stop their lungs from bleeding?

Yesterday I never went for my uber long run. I will try to do one in the morning, but we’ll see how that goes. Today I did 45 mins, and covered 6.5K, which was more than I thought I’d do, but I did worse statistically than I thought I did when I was running. Meh, who gives a shit. I went, and I did it, that’s all that really matters. And I didn’t walk, which was good.

Have to work on Wed, so I won’t get my run in with the club, or my training run in, so I’ll def have to try and get my ass into gear tomorrow.

We’ll see what this week brings, shall we?


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