How did it get to be nearly a week since my last post? Damn you tumblr – you make it too easy!

Now I have to recap in a nutshell…

Monday – was the Queens Birthday holiday that I last told you about.

Tuesday – can’t remember… Ah – there it is! Had to check the miCoach site to remind me I did a 20 min run after work while dinner was cooking.  Managed to score 90% on that one, and did my usual up and down like a yo-yo pace.

Wed – worked, which sucked balls. Also meant I missed yet another XC with the running club. I think I’m destined not to do them!

Thurs – went for a run at work for PT in the afternoon. As I told my loving tumblr fans, I thought it was a shit run. I ran on dirt (soft dirt. Like sand. I hate it!), and put it in… then when I hit the tar again I gave myself permission to take it down a notch or 8. I thought I was going to die and my legs hurt and I wanted to give up – and then I realised that I wasn’t even breathing particularly hard. And the *pain* I felt, was just stupid niggles. And I realised that my head was playing tricks on me… and I kept going. I didn’t get to go faster, but I kept going anyway, and I’m glad I did. 7.3k in just over 50mins at 2pm. Three days ago I was looking for reasons to say it wasn’t a shit run. Three days later, it’s not bad at all! ARGH!!!!

Friday – Nothing apparently. Oh, I remember. I had a hot date and we went to see X Men. I ate a strawberry icecream (a double too. Very decadent of me!), and some stupid chocolate pod things which were too sweet. And I don’t like almond m & ms. They’re icky.

Sat – was wanting to go for a run in the morning, but was a bit hoha. Was hanging for a run in the afternoon, but too busy to go. Had friends around for dinner, and it was very very nice. First time in 6 months at the new location… the house still isn’t unpacked, but too bad. It’s getting there slowly.

Sun – Am lying in bed writing this, waiting for the sun to come up enough to go for the little run that I should’ve done yesterday morning. Hopefully his hangover will have gone enough this evening for us to go and do a long run.

Best I get up then!


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