I am stoked with this week

I really am.

Not because I’ve done anything special, but because something’s happening…

1. I went to the Doctor on Monday and asked to see a dietician to find out why I’m not loosing weight faster. I know I shouldn’t be greedy in wanting to loose weight, but I am. It’s disheartening, and I want to stay healthy. I already know that my body holds onto weight even if I eat nothing and exercise like a banshee, so it’s easy for me to not eat enough, as I try to eat small portions of healthy food, and don’t really get hungry anymore. On the plus side, that will stand me in good stead once I have lost the weight – maintenance and lifestyle, I got you covered! The appt is not for a few weeks though, and apparently he’s a, how you say, ‘portly’ type of gentleman… being in the job that I am where fitness is way up on the job description, people don’t like being told anything by someone who’s apparently not fit. I am going to *try* very hard to look past his size, because I have had friends who were very large, and also very fit, so I know size is not a measure of fitness. And as long as he knows what he’s talking about, then WGAF? I want him to tell me that I’m doing the right things I guess, and that I’m not going to make myself sick or wig out or anything like that.Because…

2. I started taking meal replacement shakes. Only one per day, just to see if I could kick the body into life. Verdict? They are very easy to eat, and the choc and coffee shakes are yummy, but the tomato soup tastes like crap. I don’t think I eat enough with them, but I really wanted to make what I ate count, so I think one replacement, one ‘normal’ meal, and  one larger meal (and or snacks) – that’s the hardest for me – per day is worth a try. And it is moving. Half a kilo a week is sustainable and safe, and I’m happy with it. I may try just eating normal on the weekend to shake my body up a bit (I actually read an online article this week about holding onto weight, so I’m NOT the only one in the world!!), we’ll see how that goes.

3. I have done some running this week. Unfortunately not the 10K I really wanted, but several 5K. And I have noticed that: 2.4K is nothing anymore. 5K is a normal/little run, and that’s REALLY funny. Sprints help my legs to remember what it feels like to go faster – I need to do more.

Most interesting… I took a workmate for a 20min jog; she’s recovering from an injury and this was her first time running in months. So we ran for 20 mins, and she was getting slower and slower (and I know I run slow at the best of times!), so I made her run an extra 2 mins to the end (for psych purposes mainly), and then I said I needed to go stretch my legs. WTF? Running by choice? Me? That’s a hoot! So I ran. And stretched my legs out. And then I ran a bit faster… and I didn’t die. I didn’t throw up, I didn’t run out of steam – I was flying! I thought I’d done okay by the end of the 5K, but when I looked at the phone, I’d actually managed to do a kilometre in 5:03!! I’m a 6:20/6:26 kinda gal, so I was pretty pumped to see that. And that I’d run the last k in the yellow/red zone. Hell, I’m still pumped nearly 24 hrs later!

So my body can do things it didn’t think it could. It can run faster – and survive. It can lose weight – and still be getting fed. I am happy with my body atm. It looks after me. And I look after it.



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