I did it

I said I wouldn’t get my sunglasses I wanted until I’d done a bigger run… so yesterday afternoon we went out and did 12K along the C2S track. I wanted to stop at 4K… and 5 and 6, but by the time 7 rocked around, there was no way I was going to walk until I’d done 8 (started walking there in the city to surf), then 9, then at 10 I allowed myself a little walk. I really think I could’ve kept going, but it was what it was.

Then I had to run 3, walk 1 to the end. And I ran up that god awful hill (short but oh so sharp at the top!), and finished in 1:26:48, which was up on the 1:39 for the C2S (the track then was slightly longer though, but I’m counting it as a win!).

I had a Gu before the race, and carried one with me but had it afterwards. Don’t know if it really helped or not, but hell. I did it.

Next week I’m going to go for 10 miles. Mhmm. I got this.



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