Five months down

It pisses me off when I do all the right things and nothing happens, but that’s part of it too, and I just have to be patient. Unfortunately patience is NOT one of my strong points!

It’s now been 5 months, from 6 Feb to today… and I’ve managed to go from 180.4lbs to 170.3 – or 82kg to 77.4, which is a heap really – it’s just that some months have more weeks in than others, and some days are worse than others, and I have the patience of a two year old with a biscuit just out of reach. It’s been slow, but it’s also taken a long time to put on, so it makes sense that it’ll take a long time to get off. I find I still harbour a lot of anger towards people who can say ‘I gave up eating soft drink and managed to loose buku weight in 3 days’. I hate them. Not only do I have no patience, I have a very very finite amount of tolerance and gratiousness. This finite amount is either used on up very early in the day by children or workmates, or if I appear to have more than usual, I’m obviously coming down with something or under the influence of something.

In five months… I have not actually changed my eating habits that much. I ate pretty good beforehand, I  just didn’t exercise so much. Now I am not scared of exercising (so much), and I look forward to running. I have run over 100K this year, and I will be running a half marathon in a few weeks. Training is difficult due to work and home, but I get out when I can. I’m not in it to win medals or be the best – I’m doing it for me. And as long as I know I did what I could, then I’m happy.

I need to remember to eat well, portion size and hydration. I need to remember not to beat myself up over shitty runs, because everyone has them. I need to remember to be nice to myself. I need to remember to have patience when the weight’s not moving. I need to remember to be nice to my body. And to myself.


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