Yesterday, I stuffed myself like a loon. Chocolate cake, milk, chocolate, cheese, cheese shape biscuits, celery, chicken (anyone else feeling a theme here??), rice, 2 shakes even… and put on 100g.

This ‘eating more to lose weight’ is doing my head in. In fact, I’m thinking it’s the hardest thing in the world to do. Every fibre knows that you don’t need it to function (okay, so that’s in a *ideal* world, where maintenance is the norm), and yet you have to eat it. I don’t like doing it, I’d rather keep eating small, healthy well balanced meals… but then I won’t lose weight. ARGH!

Today I’m on duty again, so there’s no exercise, and I’ve eaten more today than I would normally – and that’s with trying hard. Bacon and eggs for breakfast (twice even!), kiwifruit, chicken wings and a potato for lunch, bread roll, tandoori chicken legs and veges for dinner, followed up by custard and a berry pastry of some description. I’m feeling full, a little TOO full, but not unbearably so. I would liked to have not eaten one of the legs, and the desert. Being at work there’s no scales, so that’ll have to wait until Sat – the morning of the 10 miler (that I don’t care if I have to drug myself stupid for, I’m going to do it, even if I have to walk it!). And tomorrow is PT. Touch or some such shit. I think I’ll go for a walk…



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