At the end of the week

I’m not real happy. After doing something weird to my back after the 12k last weekend, it’s been giving me crap all week. Wed night I only managed the 2k, and even that took me a fair while to warm into – my knees were crap, in line with the hips, and I’m guessing it’s all coming from my back. Anyway, I did it, and had the most god awful cramp again – I thought my guts were going to drop out. I even considered going to the doctors about it, but too busy on Thurs and Fri for that stuff.

As I had a duty on Thurs, no sport for that day, and Fri I had to race out to the airport and pick up a car, so none that day either. Sat was supposed to be the 16K hit out for the marathon, but the lush of my life took half a sleeping pill the night before, so there was no way he was getting up let alone running at that time of the morning! Bless him, he needed his sleep. So I used that as an excuse not to go either, with the intention of going for a run this afternoon. And my back was giving me crap all afternoon, so after dinner, I put on my gear and jumped on the running machine, just in case I did have a breakdown – then I’d be at home you see! Funnily enough, I ran slower to make sure I wasn’t going to bust a foofle valve or something, and I was really enjoying it. Until I needed a toilet break (a problem that I don’t normally suffer from). And then I needed another, so I gave it the ass. Sweating like a boss, but felt fine, which is what I need for the halfa, so I’m happy. I may even sneak in another little run tomorrow morning, and try hard to be fit enough for a longer run tomorrow night. I can’t afford to break myself!


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