That was interesting. I had my appt with the dietician today. In a nutshell he thinks a) I’m a very interesting case, and b) I have a food intolerence.

Did you know that post nasal drip indicates something is amiss? I didn’t know that. And sleeplessness? Me neither.

After grilling me for 30 minutes, he spent the next 15 explaining the glucose-insulin relationship, and the fat storage/liver function/muscle fuel thingy. Which was all very interesting, and eulicadates on his theory that I have too much insulin … equals too much glucose… equals glucose into storage in fat cell… equals too much in blood equals no breakdown of fat cells by the liver equals something else.

So, what he’s trying, is no sugar for a week. No starchy stuff (rice, potatoes, pasta, white bread). Breakfast is oats or a meal replacement shake, and lunch is what I usually have or a meal replacement shake (I only plan on having one per day, so will alternate). I have a mid morning snack of macadamia nuts (50g) and an afternoon snack of yoghurt (uber low sugar stuff) or a pc of fruit. Dinner is as per usual, with 3 cups of salad or vegetables (I didn’t even finish it tonight, I was over full!). He plans on me losing 1.5kg in 2 weeks. I told him he’s dreaming. Apparently it should be easy to lose that in that time, and people normally lose around 3kg. Mhmm. It’ll either come off, or it won’t. Either way is a win for me really, so I can’t lose!

If I lose it, it just means I know how much I’m supposed to be eating… if I don’t, then we check for intolerences by taking stuff out of the diet. Sad to say I think the first to go will be carbs, followed by dairy, but that’s just my own personal opinion. Be interesting to see if there are other food groups that can be excluded! I just count myself lucky that he could write out a diet for me and when he asked me if it was achievable, I could say – No problem. The only thing I have to give up is a little rice, a little potatoe, alcohol (but I’m trying not to dwell on that one!), the occasional juice and sweet treat.

I really am lucky.


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