And I brought…

a nike+ thingy for the lush of my life’s new ipod touch. Silly me thought that the phone and the touch were the same, except that one can make phone calls –  I didn’t realise they had seperate apps! I feel like a dork… the running apps that map don’t work without the GPS – which requires internet access. So, we could spend another $128 for the wireless dongle for the touch (plus have to carry yet another piece of hardware), or get a whole iPhone setup (at $800 outright, plus $30 for access for a month – or $1750 for a 24 month contract) – OR I could get him the nike doodad for $31 from the Apple shop (interestingly enough, from the Nike Shop it costs $48 plus $8 postage!)

So I went with the Nike.

HOPEFULLY it’ll all work find and this will be the end of it.

And HOPEFULLY he won’t break it before we get a decent case for it…


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