this week’s been hard…

and I’ve no particular excuse for it. My eating’s been okay – bar the fact I have to give up dairy, but hey, it’s only two weeks, right?, my K’s are down, but hey, whatever… I have just felt particularly BLEH for the past two days. Low on iron perhaps? I’ll have to up my intake I think, just in case.

I feel better today than I did yesterday – for the first time in simply ages, I didn’t even want to go for a run yesterday. I wasn’t sick, I just was on ‘E for enough’. And hungry. I nibbled and munched all day. Surely that little sliver of choc mud cake the day before wasn’t to blame? No. I can’t think such things, I just can’t. The thought of having to deny myself of every pleasure for the rest of my life would be too much.

I’m doing pretty damn good I think, all things considered. I have had 4 slices of rye bread in 3 weeks, and apart from wraps, sweet potato and oats, that’s the biggest carb fest I’ve had. I’ll eat some pasta before the halfa and gu during it – that’s allowed. Maybe it’s because I said I’d never felt better? Maybe some irritated celestial being was suitably pissed and decided to teach me what for? Maybe I ran out of stuff I’m supposed to burn? Don’t think so, the diet guru didn’t seem to think it would be an issue for me.

I’m hoping that it’s just a lack of iron slump, and that I’ll be good to go on Sunday. I managed to do it last time with less training, so I’m sure I can do it this time. The only person I have to beat is myself, and simply by starting, I shall achieve one of my goals for the race!


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