The week so far

Because I’m getting back on track, I thought I’d make a note earlier – and cos I’m full of self righteousness atm!

Monday was travelling. 29 hours or something to get from Narita to Darwin. If we flew straight, it’d be 8 hours. Go figure.

Tuesday – light waddle, just to stretch it out. I went. Actually, it wasn’t so bad, I enjoyed it, and THAT’S what it’s all about, right? In the evening I did some weights… not many reps though, and I’m still feeling it today, which I’m hoping is good. Will try and do some more tomorrow, cos I’d really like the flabby granny arms to go away!!

Wednesday – no run this morning, which pissed me off cos I was looking forward to it; had a seminar on at work. Although it was running club day, I wasn’t in the mood to drive into town after work (cranky assed!), so I dug out the earplugs I found (no bloody idea, must’ve brought them for the kid at some stage?) and went to the pool. Surprisingly though, it wasn’t as warm as I thought it would be, but I did some laps anyway.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to a long, slow distance waddle. And I’m going to take an hour to do it. 🙂



If you had your own clothing line, what would it be called?

Random question posed by the machine so people will have something to write about… hell. I’m in.

I wouldn’t have a clothing line in a screaming fit. Back in one of my previous lives, I used to work in the rag trade. Ladies clothing, to be exact. And while I loved it, I also know how difficult it is for everyone involved, nothing comes easy. Oh, unless you’re the person at the top and don’t have to worry about losing money hand over fist on a daily basis.

Then I think I’d call it ‘Amoeba’, and make hippie type stuff for tourists. Expensive though, so it’s not made in India by 12 year olds. Maybe *shudder* organic dyes and fabrics. Go for the warm, touchy feeling mong bean munching soy latte sipping types.

Gosh. I think I found my next life… Once I win the lottery that is!

Well, we’re back.

And yes, it was two weeks of indulging in food I shouldn’t and alcohol which I shouldn’t, but hey, it was a holiday! I ate rice (sensibly for me, but I guess any is bad for me) and rice crackers and noodles (more soba – hardly any ramen unfortunately… but lucky!), and coffee in a can with far too much sugar, and some really addictive mousse cake combo that just polished off the after dinner beers very nicely. It was great, and I was expecting to have put on heaps, but I don’t think it’s as much as I thought.

For now, I’m going to concentrate on getting back into the groove, and I know that the weight will follow, so I’m worrying more about how I’m feeling (really good) than what’s on the scales (meh).

Didn’t get to run over there like we hoped, but we walked for fucking miles. And miles. Which was really a blessing, as if we hadn’t, we would’ve put on even more weight!

Japan – here we come!

Two sleeps anna wakey!

Not packed a damn thing yet… we’ve got two days off work to do that, so I’m not fussed (at 6am – lets see how it is by this afternoone!). We’ll be taking the running gear, but I’m not sure how much running we’ll get in (if any), and at least there’ll be plenty of walking involved.

Eating for me will not involve rice (much), and soba noodles (cos they’re buckwheat rather than wheat). And rice crackers. And the strawberry krispy kreme doughnut I’m going to eat when we go through the international airport. Probably hate it given I’ve been ‘sugar free’ for one month tomorrow, but I’ll be really REALLY pissed off if I do, as I only eat the one brand, and given they’re not local, I only get the opportunity a couple of times a year – so I make myself eat them!



Went to see the diet dood today – to tell him I was a bit annoyed that the cutting out of dairy had had such a little affect. So I did. So he weighed me on his sooper doopah fat/weight thingy.

And then he told me that not only had I lost half a kilogram over two weeks, I had gained half a kilogram of muscle! Hadn’t I noticed any changes in the way my clothes fitted??? Yeah… well… Kinda…

I felt like a bit of a dork, and had to explain how the scales are the only way of knowing if I’m doing the right thing or not. So he had to explain that was crap, that there was how my clothes were fitting, and how I knew myself that I was doing all the right things, and how I was feeling in myself. And still, apart from that one crap day last week, it’s the best I’ve felt in years. And that is what I have to focus on.

Oh, and no milk. To the point of choosing sugar over dairy (ie. store bought soy yoghurt with too much sugar) is fine, seeming as I eat bugger all sugar. And even chocolate – apparently there is a dairy free brand (who’d’ve thought?!?) Even though skipping dairy to me is not the b-all and end-all, it’s improved the snotts, and it’s important to the Fat Dood, and he asked me to stick at it for a bit longer.  Seeming as we’ll be in the land of no milk and sucky iced coffees for two weeks as of Saturday, I don’t expect it’ll be that hard. Unfortunately my next appt is a whole month away – that WILL be hard!

(and even though the soy yoghurt I made is kinda yeasty, it’s not so bad. It’s unfortunate that it’s the colour of mud, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it!)

I don’t think that taking dairy out is making a difference

I’m still snotty. And the weight hasn’t miraculously fallen off, so I don’t see much point in continuing on with excluding diary.

At least it’s been a good exercise in showing that I can actually do it, and that I don’t particularly need it – but I’m missing my yoghurt a lot! Soy milk in coffee is a real hit and miss affair, and okay, I’m sure I can cut back on cheese to make it only for an extra special occasion. Maybe.

I’m happy that cutting out starches and sugars seems to have a beneficial effect on me, although it only seems to last for a week at a time. I was reading up on the weightloss plateau issue – and contrary to exercising more or eating less to get through it, it doesn’t work for everyone. So I guess I’ll just have to learn to suck it up, and keep doing what I’m doing because it’s the right thing to do. I’ve been lucky enough to lose weight this year, and while it’s not as much as I’d like, at least it’s better than what it was. And at least I know that when it doesn’t move, it’s not something that I’m doing wrong that’s making it stick.

Now all I have to do is remember that!

Boy oh boy!

Hasn’t this week been so incredibly boring?

It went fast enough, thanks to Monday being a public holiday, but it just feels like I’ve done nothing all week! PT pretty much got the ass this week due to stocktakes and people coming back to work and the left hand having NFI what the right hand’s doing… and I don’t expect next week to be much better. Sad, but true. I believe we’ve got circuits on Monday though, so I’ll give that a go.

On the plus side, I did achieve a new PB on the 2.4 run – 13:13. Now I know there’s people out there that run it in 9 minutes, but a) they’re not me, and b) they’re never going to be me, so I don’t give a rats. I don’t need to go faster, I cracked what I wanted to crack, and that was one of my goals for this year. I’d also like to say that I was actually disappointed that it wasn’t faster, cos it sure as shit FELT faster… but it was after 5:30 pm, and I always do it tougher in the evenings. So I’m sure I’ll get over it and feel better about it tomorrow. Cos I bloody should do!


I did a very slow jog, just to shake out the cobwebs… 6.6K

Tomorrow there will be no PT (due to stocktakes), but there is a run on tomorrow night. Unfortunately it’s a beach stampede, and if there’s one thing I know, it’s that I don’t like running on sand.

Meh, I might go anyway, just to shake it up a little.