If you had your own clothing line, what would it be called?

Random question posed by the machine so people will have something to write about… hell. I’m in.

I wouldn’t have a clothing line in a screaming fit. Back in one of my previous lives, I used to work in the rag trade. Ladies clothing, to be exact. And while I loved it, I also know how difficult it is for everyone involved, nothing comes easy. Oh, unless you’re the person at the top and don’t have to worry about losing money hand over fist on a daily basis.

Then I think I’d call it ‘Amoeba’, and make hippie type stuff for tourists. Expensive though, so it’s not made in India by 12 year olds. Maybe *shudder* organic dyes and fabrics. Go for the warm, touchy feeling mong bean munching soy latte sipping types.

Gosh. I think I found my next life… Once I win the lottery that is!


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