The best laid plans of mice and men…

and of people who really want to go for a long run in the morning before it gets hot…

Yeah, no. Didn’t happen. Had to drop the lush of my life’s computer into work. Went for my waddle, but for way less. 5K ish in the usual time. Oh well, I am nothing if not consistent.

Funniest thing was remembering that not so long ago, that would’ve been a huge run for me. And that hitting the 2.4 mark at 15:30 would’ve sat me on my ass for the rest of the day. Today I was just poddling along… and it was good. So good, that when I got the opportunity to go for another run after lunch, I jumped at it.

10K run mark 2 was equally unsuccessful.

I had to stop running at the 30 min mark, as it was too hot and I was too dehydrated – although I had been drinking, I hadn’t been loading, which is what I would have done, if I had been planning on running after lunch. I’m glad I stopped when I did, as there was a real risk of doing some nasty damage to my poor overheated brain! I just pulled over, got my shoes and socks off, tipped water over them and then stretched. After that, I got everything back on, and walked the 2K back to the office. It was only 34 degrees – not even scorching. I would’ve sworn it was 37 at least!


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