I hate figures. Numerical ones anyway…

I don’t believe it.

A girlfriend asked if my BMI was in the healthy range, given I’ve lost weight. I didn’t know, but said I’d look it up – being quietly confident that I’d surely be at the top end of the healthy figures.

Nuh ah. Not even CLOSE! In order to even start in the healthy range, I need to loose another 7 kilos. I wouldn’t mind losing another 10, but as this 10 has made such a difference already, more will be much more noticable… so I dug a little deeper…

To be at the lower end of the healthy range – that is, not unhealthly skinny, I could get down to 48kg. Which would mean a total loss of 34 kilos, or nearly one third of my starting weight. Ridiculous! I would be a bag of bones (and some very scrawny muscle holding it all together!)!

I don’t think I’ll bother with that BMI bullshit again.


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