I think it’s time for a change.

I only just noticed that I haven’t been recording my weekly exercise, nor my weight – at least since before we left on hols.

And I’m not quite sure why.

Is it because I don’t need it in my life (right now? anymore?), or have I got out of the habit while on holiday? Maybe I know that I’ve done everything I should’ve so I don’t feel the need to check on myself/justify myself? It’s kind of liberating, not doing it, but also kind of scary as well – what if I slip up?

Anyhoo – I am about to go into the field for two weeks 11 days, so I will probably keep notes on my phone of what I eat, given that I’m away from all my food and eating someone elses menu! At least it’s fresh food, which means protein for breakfast (eggs and bacon and mmmmmm… mushrooms!!) and salads for lunch (it’ll take a bit not to miss those cold soba salads from Japan though!), with dinner being the only unknown quantity – they like to have starches for dinner. I shall have to maintain my tough stance! Unfortunately, I’m worried about my snacks. ATM I am having nuts for morning tea, and soy yoghurt and fruit for afternoon tea. There should be fruit there, but dairy yoghurt is a no-no, and I am taking some almonds in with me. Hopefully that’ll be enough to tide me over, but boredom will be a problem. I will miss my jam sandwiches to pick me up!


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