If you could take any class for free, what would you choose?

Easy – exercise, would have to be Tai Chi. I would love to have a proper teacher rather than some half assed mung bean sucking mantra chanting hippy who misses the point of what it’s about and is just running through the motions (wow. Bad previous experience much??). People seem to forget it’s a martial art, and don’t concentrate on the whole state, just the mental. Pfft to them.

Non exercise, a language. I’ve even been tossing up French, just to get my brain into gear – but it’s no fun by yourself. Seeming as there’s two of us we really should be into our Japanese… but we’re both inherently lazy 🙂

Cooking? French. Pastries – or desserts? They look so intricate and delicate and I can’t eat either… so I should at least be able to appreciate what they look like – right?


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